bright ideas become brighter


A unique number that cannot be divided.

149 is a very special prime number, because actually it’s an ‘emirp’.

That means in reverse, it’s a number that is also a prime number (941). In other words, rare.

So whatever way you look at us, up and down, inside and out, back to front, front to back, we’re unique!

Now for the small print.

Hopefully, you won’t read this, because the ‘post-rationalisation’ on the left is better than the reality. But we cannot tell a lie. The truth is, the 149 founder used to live in a house that was no.149. It rhymed with design and had a ring to it!

Being a prime number, post rationalisation led to the bigger picture, which hopefully has you believing! Importantly, it demonstrates that for customers who look for a raison d’être, a strong sales message can deliver your story about you being good at what you do, or just that you have a great product or service.

Stand out.
Capture imagination.

Be unique.

“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

Oscar Wilde

We are experienced web developers with a strong background in design and communication.

We build robust websites using the latest tools to deliver your message to the right people, driving them to your site, helping you to achieve your targets. Websites that’ll make you stand out from the crowd and pack a punch.

(And you may have guessed, we dig Oscar Wilde!)